Victoria Court - The House

Space GK is pleased to announce an exciting and unique new development at a premier location on Kenilworth Road, Leamington Spa.

An incredible ultra modern house hidden from view and within easy walking distance of the town centre.

The space inside the house has been designed with an array of features to provide the ultimate living experience. The beautifully designed gardens compliment the zinc and brick structure of the building.

Modern Materials

Innovation in building materials is an unceasing reality of our construction industry – largely dominated by invincible technology and knowledge. Our comforts and desire to achieve new heights continuously thrives us to explore deeper and further – new or existing. Innovation is not always about creating new technologies or materials but evolving what we already have, evolving the given and experimenting with it. In architecture, it could either be using waste materials artistically, using the basic construction materials in a more cultivated manner following the rule of sustainability or using them in a more designated or expressive way.

Contemporary Design


Space GK provides the ultimate fusion of modern materials, innovative design and we remember that it’s a home for living.